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Our niche is five to eighty megawatt projects that can be built behind the fence of military bases, factories, industrial parks, prisons and other large power users. We strongly believe the development of small localized energy projects can mitigate the risks posed by security threats to the power grid.

We believe that the development and construction of clean energy generation projects can serve as an economic development catalyst for emerging communities. Further, the sourcing of waste streams generated by the local community and its conversation as a principal fuel in the case of biomass, clean energy generation can provide communities with new income streams. The conversion of local waste streams to energy can also serve to alleviate economic and environmental justice issue concerns of some communities.

Public private Partnership that results in a win-win for the community and project stakeholders is an essential element of our approach.

We have expertise and experience in High Performance Sustainabilty Design with new building construction and existing building renovation.

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Rural Green Power, LLC receives certification as a Minority/Disadvantage Business Enterprise.                


Rural Green Power and its development partner signs Power Purchase Agreements to develop and build 6 utility scale solar projects totaling 348MW.