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Neville A. Anderson
President & CEO

Neville brings a successful track record of leadership to this company. The founder, CEO and Chairman of Nevander Asset Management, Inc. “NAM” in the 90’s the company posted one of the most successful track records providing portfolio asset management services to the Resolution Trust Corporation “RTC” and later Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation “FDIC”. The FDIC chose NAM as one of the seven contractors to close out the national portfolio of distressed commercial loans during that time, Nam received the first ever “Outstanding” performance rating given by the FDIC.

As founder and CEO of Green Energy Partners-Dekalb , LLC. a single purpose entity formed to develop a ten megawatt biomass project in DeKalb County GA while the plant was fully developed, it was not built. That company successfully developed the project to include obtaining an Air Permit for a 10 megawatt biomass plant from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources to emit in the Atlanta non attainment zone. All development permits to include Transmission Agreement and a twenty year Power Purchase Agreement from Georgia Power Company was successfully obtained. The company achieved another first apart from the successful air-permitting in a non attainment zone, it obtained a 20 year uninterrupted feedstock agreement approved and ratified by DeKalb County, a major municipality.

Vicky Lyn Carter
Executive Director

Vicki Lyn Carter is a Project Management Professional with over 30 years in Architectural and Construction Management. Ms. Carter’s professional career in Project and Facilities Management initiated at Rockwell International, Canoga Park, CA and concluded 10 years later at TRW Redondo Beach, CA. During those initial years Ms. Carter, managed and monitored the status of design and construction projects, selected and administered the Facilities Planning Blanket Contracts of Architectural and Planning Firms with contracts ranging from $2,000,000 to $8,000,000 annually and administered TRW’s standard furniture system including that $5,000,000 annual budget.

In 1989, Ms. Carter, having demonstrated knowledge and management of institutional master planning, space usage and competency in all aspects of project programming through design and construction, left the Aerospace Industry to launch her own company, Comprehensive Designs. Ms. Carter provided inclusive project management for the move of a fast growing Animation Company, Saban Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA and the relocation of the global communications company, World African Network from Los Angeles, CA to Atlanta, GA, including facilities and employees.

David A. Stubbs II
Director, Construction Management

David received his Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture from The Ohio State University and has more than 20 years of experience in educational design, planning and construction. David’s passion to improve the design of school facilities is being realized in the constant evolution of school facilities in Georgia.

He supports school districts as well as architectural firms by assisting them in programming, professional development as well as design conversations surrounding the dispuptive approach to facility design. This approach emphasizes the understanding that this bottom up approach enables opportunities to bridge disconnects that exist within the traditional approaches to facility design. The built environments result in demonstrated examples of 100% engagement and wonder not to mention underlying themes such as sustainability and improved IAQ.

A commitment to strong IAQ management has driven David for many years. He was most recently cited as a champion by the EPA for leading the charge to host two regional EPA, Healthy Schools IAQ Symposiums in Athens, Georgia and is a member of SHIELDS, an EPA organized leadership group supporting Healthy schools worldwide.

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June 2015

Rural Green Power, LLC receives certification as a Disadvantage Business Enterprise.                


Rural Green Power, LLC signs Power Purchase Agreement with Georgia Power Company to develop and build 40 MW solar farm in Washington County, GA.


Rural Green Power, LLC signs Power Purchase Agreement with Georgia Power Company to develop and build 38 MW solar farm in Elbert County, GA.